This is sometimes triggered immediately when an office chair or desk breaks for example, or it can come about after a long period of planning and research. When you reach that moment when your existing office furniture needs replacing, there are five things you should consider before making your new purchases.

1) Does this new furniture match your business? - Office furniture can have a huge impact on first impressions. When a client walks into your office, they need to see a workspace that is an extension of the culture and vision of your business. Your office should reflect on you and your business; clean, modern and efficient.

2) Will this new furniture work for you? - It is likely that you will end up keeping this furniture for a number of years, so you need to be sure all your purchases match your business vision and culture. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and take the time to do some research, as this can prove to be valuable further down the line.

3) Can you reuse your existing furniture?In the modern world, recycling and keeping items out of landfill are growing in importance. Take a moment to look at all the furniture you are potentially replacing and think about if there are any alternative uses for it. There are a number of companies across the UK that specialise in helping businesses upcycle their old office equipment with the goal of keeping 100% of the furniture out of landfill. 

4) Are you a hoarder? - Unsurprisingly this is incredibly common nowadays. Some offices that have been operating for a long time seem to hoard old documents and files that are generally useless. If you are someone who struggles with organisation, set aside some time to go through everything with someone who is strong-willed and let them help you have a proper clear out. With the advancements in technology and cloud storage systems, storing paper files is becoming outdated and inefficient so make the most of your online options.

5) Can you afford what you need? - One of the most important decisions you'll have to make relates to seating. The chairs that you go for need to be comfortable and adjustable to suit every employee. It is more than likely your workforce will be sat in these chairs for hours at a time, so it is crucial that you give them a sample of which seating options you are considering. Paying a little more for quality seating can be a worthwhile investment.