The look and feel of a traditional office is evolving; with more and more businesses moving away from the standard layout of multiple rooms with endless corridors full of different departments and offices. Open plan office spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

This is partly due to improved creativity and communication, along with space efficiency and less wasted wall space – all of which is designed to improve the amount of area used for desks and storage.

With technology and techniques in building structures and design improving all the time, so are office spaces within them. Many company managers and owners are noticing the huge benefits of opting for an open office space compared to the once ever present traditional layout. No more are the worries of internal wall structures and hugely frustrating pillars; in come the interior designers who are making the most of this freedom of space and rightly so.

To complement the changes in building designs, modern desk options are being created to make the most of these attractive open plan office spaces. Call centres and offices alike have seen the introduction of ‘pods’, this piece of office furniture allows between three and eight desks to be arranged while sharing a central communication hub. The hub is an obvious welcomed introduction to all small budget office refurbishments as they offer excellent value for money, however these may not be so practical for the companies whose employees have their own standalone computer hardware.

For those companies which a pod may not be a practical option then the ‘Bench Desk’ is often used, which is another piece of office furniture has become highly popular in the market. Bench desks are quickly taking over the office furniture industry – in fact here at Eurofit we now see more of customers stocking our range of benches more than we do of traditional corner desking systems – so today on the blog we have decided to take a closer look at some of the reasons why.

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