When we talk about office spaces, hotels or residential complexes, first impressions are very important, which is why it is crucial for these to have a decisive impact on us at a visual level. In order for this to happen, we have to consider the aspect of the furniture as well as the quality.

The first step in the furniture personalisation process is to decide on the decorative style. For office spaces we could go for a simple, but elegant and imposing style at the same time. For hotels and residential complexes, you could opt for:

  • A casual style
  • A contemporary style
  • A minimalist style
  • A Mediterranean style
  • Or even for a more opulent style like a baroque one.

You should remember that choosing the style in which you will decorate these spaces depends mostly on your target audience, and especially on social classes, seeing as how the high class would require a superior quality of materials used and a more generous budget.

The furniture pieces will have certain characteristic, specific to the style you have adopted. Minimalist furniture will have reduced dimensions and straight, simple lines. The contemporary style will have organic, nonconforming shapes, while baroque pieces will stand out through curved shapes, sumptuous and sculpted.

The dimensions of your personalised furniture should be chose according to the space available; it is recommended to not exaggerate when it comes to the number of furniture pieces, so that you don’t clutter the space. It is necessary for the rooms to be airy and light, furnished with the necessary articles and at the same time have personality and create a strong connection with the people that will step inside them.

A very important aspect to consider when you choose your personalised furniture is its functionality. You should opt for practical and functional furniture. Decide on a furniture piece to dedicate special attention and make the focal point. This way, in a hotel for example, you will put accent on the reception furniture, whereas in an office space the office or the conference table will stand out.

Last but not least, the material and colour are very important; choose a high quality and resistant material and a colour pallet that complements the room.