It also doesn't help that you don't really get much of a break to stretch your legs and work towards that now infamous daily target of at least 10,000 steps. Unfortunately, we have even more bad news for you - studies have suggested that working in an office can not only harm your health, but shorten your life!

A recent report has suggested that those who sat for more than three hours a day at work could be trimming up to two years off of their life expectancy. The alarming thing about that statistic is that most office employees will easily do six, seven, eight or more hours per day.

Fear not however - we've got some top tips on how you can fight back and regain those lost years:

1) Use your lunch hour - Many of us don't even take the full hour as we claim to be 'too busy' so make sure you get up, leave your desk and rack up some steps on that pedometer.

2) Enjoy the commute - If you walk or cycle to work, try and make the most of it by downloading some podcasts to listen to or take some photographs as you head towards the office.

3) Prepare some oats - Oats are the ideal breakfast food as they take very little time to prepare and can taste delicious when you add in some chopped banana or honey. Prepare it the night before for additional speed in the morning.

4) Drink herbal tea - You might have come across this one already, but drinking herbal tea is significantly better for your health than standard tea or coffee. Just one cup of ginger tea in the afternoon can give you a refreshing boost.

5) Sick? Stay at home - Offices spread illness like you wouldn't imagine, so coming in to work when you're already feeling under the weather is a big no-no. Take a couple of days to get back to full fitness.