Office Furniture

As your employees are likely to spend a large proportion of their day at their workstation, you should ensure that their office furniture is of good quality construction as well as being ergonomically designed and comfortable of course.

Office Layout

Your office should be laid out in such a way that it maximises the available natural sunlight. The reason being that natural light has been proven to improve employee productivity. Monitor the temperature also as too high a temperature in the office will cause lethargy while too low a temperature will cause discomfort to your employees – both of which could have serious implications of their levels of productivity. You should also ensure that there is adequate room for your employees to walk around comfortably and easily.

Office Décor

The office décor that you’ve chosen can also have an effect on the overall efficiency of your company. For example, blue is said to stimulate the mind while bright shades of yellows are said to inspire creativity and design. You should bear this in mind when decorating your office space.

Open Plan Office Design

An open plan office design can encourage collaboration and communication amongst employees. However, they can also have the opposite effect due to a perceived lack of privacy. A semi open plan office can combat these problems as it has separate workspaces with an open area where employees can come together if necessary.

Working from Home

Few places are more comfortable than our own homes and this may have a knock on effect on productivity. However, this is not suited to all staff, as some may find working from home too distracting.

So, if your goal is to increase overall productivity, your first step should be to reconsider your office design. Is there any element of your office design that you think may be affecting your productivity levels?