Adjustable Features:

There is no standard body shape or size and for that reason, most office chairs have adjustable features to ensure a comfortable sitting position for a wide variety of users. One of the most important adjustable features is the chair height – an aspect that you should be able to adjust to suit your own particular height requirements.

Adjustable armrests are also an important feature as these can prevent strains in your arm and shoulder muscles. An adjustable backrest is also an important feature to have with your office chair as it provides support to the spine and prevents strain and injury.


As you most likely spend a lot of your day in an office chair, the materials that it’s made from will be crucial to its practicality and appearance. There should also be adequate padding in the seat and backrest to provide your body with the support it needs to function. The material used in the manufacture of your office chair should be of good quality and hardwearing.

Structural Features:

In an office environment, it is considered that a swivel chair is the best choice as it allows for the freedom of movement and eliminates the need for stretching etc. For the very same reason, a wheeled office chair will allow you to move around your desk space easily without putting any unnecessary strain on your body.

Your office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office so take the time to explore all the available options while taking our tips into consideration as you do so.