There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing from our wide range of office desks - to make your choice easier, we have laid out the exact elements to take into consideration based on the intended use for your office desk...

How will you use your desk?

Computer work

If you're likely to be using your office desk purely for computer work, be sure to choose a desk that offers wiring holes to keep all electrical cords out of your way. Another factor to consider when choosing an office desk for use when working on a computer is space. Will you be using a PC or a laptop? Either way, consider the amount of space you are likely to need and choose a desk that adequately caters to this.

For computer based work, take a look at our Straight Office Desks and Computer Desks.


Desks that are used when organising, filing and generating paperwork need to be spacious to cater for piles of documents. In fact, why not consider a desk with built in drawers or shelving for the ultimate office storage solution?

If your work revolves around paperwork and filing, why not choose from our range of Wave Office Desks?

The all-rounder

If you're likely to be using your desk for a combination of computer work, paperwork and meetings with colleagues and clients, space is crucial. In situations such as these, a curved office desk could be the ideal choice as it offers a spacious work space, whilst fitting in comfortably to a corner of your office.

For a desk with varying uses, choose from our Curved Office Desks.