It is often said that employers should embrace the wellbeing and productivity of their employees - doing this will usually bring about improvements in all aspects of the workplace, from more engaged workers to less sickness absenses.

One of the best ways to enjoy these additional benefits is to create customised workspaces. What we mean by this is developing individual working areas for each department within your business, as what works for one area may not work for another.

For example, this could include the amount of storage space needed, the types of computer or laptops used and whether the department is primarily collaborative or independent.

Adjustable desks are also an important consideration. Research has shown that workers seated for extended periods of time are increasing a number of risks to their health. Adjustable desks allow employees to regularly change their position throughout a working day and therefore stay engaged on tasks for longer.

The use of glass partitioning should also be taken into account, especially in smaller office spaces that still need to have areas of privacy. Use glass to give your workplace a feeling of openness, enjoy the natural light that it brings and use it to create a welcoming atmosphere. Don't forget the occasional plant to add a final touch of professionalism to the workspace.

Creating an exciting work environment that allows people to work passionately is key to the success of any business. Utilise these tips to encourage your employees to stay productive.