Both home and office furniture have similarities and differences.  In an office, space is limited and must maintain uniformity, when dealing with a home, you are freer to expand on design and make it your own space.  Budget items have value in some places but you must consider ergonomics and durability if working from home is going to be a long-term activity.  Consideration has to be made for whether your surface will need to include a phone, speakers, a space for written work or even larger-scale activities. 

Storage Options

Keeping your home office neat and accessible is necessary for keeping your home and work life separate.  Decide whether or not you will need space for a filing cabinet and whether or not that cabinet will need to be locked.  Cupboards also offer a nicer-looking alternative to the traditional filing cabinet and may help tie a room together.  Storage space can be boosted in cupboards with the addition of drawers, and can be a great place for pictures or plants.

Décor and Design

Make sure that your home office is part of your home, not only a place where business is conducted.  Make sure to have a space that limits distraction whilst still allowing creativity and flow.  Make sure you have adequate lighting and maybe even a plant or two to keep you company; after all, plants have been show to influence the work people do.  Keep in mind that having a well constructed home office often increases your homes value.