James Bucki, Director of Computing Technology at Genesee Community College, notes that office furniture represents "the first in a series of large purchases that you will make for your business." He suggests keeping all items organized within a single spreadsheet, consisting of four columns:

  • The spaces in your office.
  • The items within each space.
  • The number you require of each item.
  • The costs involved.

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet then you can begin the buying process. There are four main things that you should consider when choosing luxury office furniture.

  • Comfort; furniture doesn’t just have to look good it also has to be comfortable. An ergonomically designed chair can prevent muscular and joint problems, whilst a desk with sufficient drawers can limit clutter thus reducing stress.
  • Ensure that you cater for all your employees; your staff come in all shapes and sizes so make sure that the furniture you choose accommodates those people who are short, tall or significantly overweight.
  • Fabric is important; choose furniture that is easy to clean in areas that experience high traffic. Vinyl chairs may be more appropriate for use in communal areas that may be exposed to food and liquids.
  • Think about the future; might you be moving to new premises at some point in the next five years? If so then you might want to consider furniture that is easy to transport. In addition, you need to ask yourself if you prefer desks and chairs that are on wheels.