Recent studies have shown that just three hours of sitting per day can cut up to two years off your life expectancy, even if you exercise regularly and try to keep fit – a shocking statistic.

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that sitting down for extended periods of time can reduce the efficiency of your fat-burning enzymes, decrease blood circulation and increase overall mental fatigue. In simple terms, your body begins to slowly shut down over time leading to reduce levels of concentration and productivity.

In serious cases, a slower seated life can lead to serious heart conditions and increase the risk of cancer, cholesterol problems and thrombosis. With a simplistic view, sitting could be compared to smoking.

The key to avoiding these problems is ergonomic furniture – seats and desks that are designed to reduce these issues and correct your posture throughout a working day. An adjustable, comfortable chair combined with an adaptable office desk can help you to keep a varied work position and avoid aches or pains.

You could even go as far as purchasing a sit-stand desk, giving you the option of continuing to work in a seated or standing position during your day. The key to fighting off a sedentary lifestyle is variation, so this type of furniture is ideal and could help make your general work life healthier.

In an ideal world, you would sit and work comfortably for between 20 to 30 minutes, followed by standing for 10 minutes with a little bit of movement thrown in for good measure. Although its unlikely most of us will be able to do this consistently, varying your position regularly throughout the day can help you feel more energised.

Make the effort to walk to the upstairs toilet, go get your drink from the furthest water cooler, even attempt some light stretches – even the simplest types of movement can help maintain a healthy body and mind.

Ultimately, the perfect furniture setup will depend on your specific job role and what suits you as an individual. You should always look to target comfort, flexibility and freedom when choosing your office furniture.