However, for those of you who need to remain focused and productive for longer periods of time, a dedicated home office is the only way to guarantee your work is completed on time and to a high standard. Segregating yourself off into your own private space away from household distractions like children and pets can be invaluable to any home worker.

The location of your home office is probably the most important decision you will need to make. You need to ensure you are close enough to key rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, but far enough away that you avoid high traffic areas like hallways and lounges, as these will only cause distractions and reduce your productivity. Many modern homes are built nowadays to include a home office space and if you are fortunate enough to have one of these, make the most of it.

Buying the right office furniture can also make a big difference. When furnishing a home office, you need to have the basics - a desk and chair, plus some adjustable lighting and storage options. Take a moment to assess the space you have in your home office and try to decide the most suitable layout of furniture for your needs. Avoid placing your desk up against a wall as this can be claustrophobic. Placing it near a window can give the benefits of natural light and the chance to glance up at a decent view.

It is always recommended that you spend a decent amount of money buying a quality chair, as you will potentially be sitting down for several hours at a time so it needs to be comfortable and adjustable if possible. A desk or floor lamp can also be handy if you are working in the evenings as regular household lighting often fails to suffice.

When it comes to the technological side of things, what you need depends on your type of work. Ideally, you can just keep things simple and try to make space to set up your computer, monitor, printer/fax and landline phone. If you have any additional room, consider adding a tea or coffee pot to avoid regular trips to the kitchen, or a couple of plants to give your new home office that professional feel.

The final thing to invest in is a decent supply of office equipment like pens, staples and paper so you don't have to keep popping out to grab these important items on a regular basis leaving you to concentrate on your work.