A relaxed, fun environment in the workplace has been known to boost productivity and encourage employees to engage with each other - the most famous example of this? The world-renowned Google offices of course.

Now we aren't suggesting you start installing slides and sleep pods in your office, but there are ways your workplace can benefit without these radical changes. Take the UK business BrightHR in Manchester for an example. Their co-founder decided to hand out toy Nerf guns to employees to help them 'step away from their desks and have fun when stressed or overwhelmed'.

“Wellbeing is very important,” he says. “The boom and bust mentality of work - people working ferociously to hit the deadline and then burning out - leads to peaks and troughs in performance. We’ve gone to extra lengths to create an environment where we attract the best people and once they are here they are able to do their best work.”

He is not the only one redesigning what it means to work in an office. Open plan workspaces are growing increasingly unpopular in the UK, reducing the facilitation of confidential conversations and actually undermining productivity. A 2014 survey across 14 different countries found that 69% of people were 'dissatisified' with their working environment.

Avoiding a debate on these issues, do we even need offices anymore? With the huge advances in remote technology making strides every day, staff may no longer need to come to a central work location and the standard office space as we know it could be on the decline in the coming years.

Ultimately, we know that a happier employee is more likely to work more effectively so it remains to be seen if this really is the end of the traditional open plan office.