However, small spaces can be utilised to the maximum by choosing your office furniture carefully. Modular office furniture can make rooms appear less crowded and are multi-functional.

End tab storage units sit closely to the wall, taking up less space, and can accommodate more files than a conventional file drawer. Most come with an open front, but units with a lockable front cover are also available if security is a consideration.

Corner desks open up a room considerably, and are extremely adaptable. One edge of the desk can serve as a reception desk if it is situated in a front office and the other edge can provide much needed work space.

If you have a conference room that you use exclusively for meetings with clients then modular furniture can help to make the room far more adaptable.  Why not use this valuable space as a break room for your employees? You can use business wall cabinets to store catering supplies, and even hide bins and fridges behind strategically placed panels. Clever use of modular furniture in this way will make your conference room truly multi-functional.

Many office furniture providers provide a free space plan and design consultation which will show you ways in which you can use your office space to the best advantage if you are struggling to come up with your own space saving ideas.