Working environments that adapt to the needs of those within it will be an attractive proposition for many - that is the key finding from the latest report from US office furniture giant Haworth. It states that people will be more likely interesting in companies that take an interest in the wellbeing and happiness of their staff, especially when it comes to the workplace.

The latest technology to be introduced to offices will use high quality sensors that measure how the space is being used and adapt the environment on a day-to-day basis accordingly, responding to the requirements of employees and influencing their productivity. It may even get to the point where biometrics are used to assess the psychological and emotional needs of each individual.

Tests are already being completed in offices in Italy, where an office building has been fitted out with these sensors. The pilot site at the headquarters of the Agnelli Foundation in Turin will allow the sensors to check on temperature, occupancy levels and air quality.

This information will then be sent to a building management system which interprets what it believes to be the ideal working environment. There is also the option for occupants to make their own adjustments through a smartphone app. When the individual leaves the office area, the space automatically returns to the default conditions of the building.

The fit out is already underway in Italy and it is hoped that the completed office will be up and running in 2017.