Because we are multidimensional human beings, the notion of comfort differs from one person to another and comfort is often a mixture of physical, psychological and emotional.

Depending on the activities performed at the office, you could have an office space with fewer items, stark, but which offers the perfect effectiveness for accomplishing tasks.

The key elements for achieving office comfort are:

  • Identifying the needs based on the type of activities performed in the office space and adapting the space to fit these needs.
  • Using high quality office furniture and not compromising when it comes to health: a comfortable, ergonomic chair, natural light and fresh air.
  • Personalising the space and achieving an ambience that sustains your activity at a psychological and emotional level.

The comfort of the space in which we work is a mixture of our personal needs, the functional requirements of the activities performed and the quality of the office furniture –especially the office chair. The ambience created by colours, lines and office details are the cherry on top of the cake - it’s what can sustain us emotionally so that we can be even more productive and creative in any situation. Personal accents, a photograph of loved ones or a vase with your favourite flowers can always balance the energy of the space.