The trend for 2016 was obviously influenced by modern, mid-century design. Ergonomics played an important role with solid wood furniture combined with bright coloured fabrics being prevalent.

The ‘In’ office chair from Wilkhahn proved popular amongst the critics. This chair features 3D kinematics which means that the chair moves and twists with your body, encouraging active working and a good posture.

Meccano also made an appearance at the show with their range of flat pack furniture. Attention grabbing, although not too hot ergonomically, the range was certainly a conversation starter!

Amongst the conference tables on display one in particular proved particularly eye catching. The Centuro table from Connection is both smart and highly functional; it features clever cable management within the table and the legs so is great for busy meetings.

Excessive noise is one of the most common problems in today’s busy office environments. Noise can be controlled with booths and acoustic panelling and one of the most stylish ways to do this is with the cactus shaped acoustic panel from Buzzispace. Fun and effective, the panel also acts as a pin board. The new ‘Shhout’ range from Screen Solutions also attracted attention; they look great and can be used to create private work areas whilst at the same time absorbing sound.

The right lighting has been shown to have a positive effect on worker’s morale. This has resulted in many offices now opting for soft, natural lighting rather than harsh fluorescent lights. The most popular type of light bulb was that with an exposed filament which was representative of Victorian industrial design and similar to the very first electric light; the Edison lightbulb.