1) Take regular breaks. Giving your eyes a rest from your computer screen, your brain a rest from you work and your lungs a rest from that stuffy office air is the best way to clear your mind ready to take on the rest of the day.

2) Take a quick walk – even if its just to get a glass of water. Standing up will help to promote blood flow around your body and aid brain stimulation.

3) Create team goals and share objectives that encourage the entire office to improve staff morale and motivation.

4) Set aside an hour a day to tackle small tasks. Return emails and phone calls all in one go so that you can tick them off your list and continue with the rest of the days tasks without other small tasks in the back of your mind.

5) Organise the tasks that need completing each day and order them by priority.

6) Keep a schedule of your meetings to hand at all times. It only takes one meeting to overrun to cause an entire breakdown of your daily schedule.

7) Keep your desk clear and organised, this will help you to feel more productive and less overwhelmed.

8) Each day before you leave the office, write a to-do list for the next day. Clearing your mind of these pending tasks will help you to relax when you go home, and will help you to focus in the morning when you come back to the office.