Over three decades have passed, but almost all offices look fairly similar to how they did back in those days, with a slight change in decor. However, this could all change with the launch of the next generation of office furniture, designed to free the average worker from their desks, USB cables and plugs.

It has taken a while for office furniture to catch up, but there are now some excellent ideas filling the marketplace that combine everyday practicality with comfort and productivity. The advancements in technology mean that furniture is being dragged forward, with small gadgets being fitted into chairs and desks to speed up more time-consuming tasks.

Combining furniture with tech is the first step into a fully universal workplace, where workers can operate wherever they choose, in a comfortable position and not tied down to one location. The vision of the future that was the Jetsons seems to be wide of the mark in this aspect, with offices of the future looking more like a combination of part furniture and part machine.

Trying to meet a strict deadline? Work from a designated quiet space free from distraction. Brainstorming? Collaborate with your co-workers in a plug-and-play conference room. Want to do something creative? Get your juices flowing on a comfy sofa with a view while you plug in your laptop and smartphone.

Office chairs will have built-in power sources, allowing you to plug in your phone or laptop charger. Desks will become smaller, more personalised and transportable. The office spaces we know so well will look very different in 10 years time.

What is certain to remain, however, is the intention to keep the office as a visual, face-to-face interactive hub. Communication programs like Slack and Skype are great to a point, but nothing can beat sitting across from your staff or client.

As a result, it is unlikely that we will ever see the more traditional office setup disappear completely. Working together as one group strengthens social relationships and deepens business connections, and it encourages a strong work ethic and can-do attitude towards your projects.

It’s been a while, but the office of the future is here. Almost.