1. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is set to revolutionise office dependence on computer hardware by providing a reliable method of storage for company files and data. Cloud technology allows you to access company files through the Internet, eliminating the need to be reliant on computer hardware.

2. Hot-desking

Hot-desking refers to the practice by which there are no allocated desks and chairs and employees can work in any location in the office. The theory behind hot-desking is that employees will work more efficiently and levels of communication and creativity will benefit from this more relaxed arrangement. Such an arrangement may lead to other less formal practices in the office of the future such as entertainment rooms, relaxation areas and fun activities becoming more popular.

3. A reduced carbon footprint

Companies in the UK are becoming more and more ‘green-savvy’ and with the impending green deal to be announced, it will play a bigger role in company operations than ever before. One way in which companies will reduce their carbon footprint in the future is through the use of geothermal energy to heat offices and buildings. In addition, as more and more people begin to work outside the office, less energy will be needed by companies.

As we can see, the office of the future will be an exciting place to be and will bring with it greater efficiencies and higher levels of productivity – all that’s left to do is watch this space for further developments!