Sponsor Group Activities

Cheap or free group activities allow both bonding time between employees but also allow people a healthy means of getting fit.  Some examples could include weight loss activities such as Weight Watchers, group exercise classes, or even walking challenges. 

Self-Care Stations

Some employees may not be as aware of their physical wellbeing as others.  An easy way to keep staff in the know is to create a basic self-awareness station.  Providing basic tools such as a scale, some information booklets and blood pressure monitoring system can provide the necessary wake up call or early warning system that might just be the call to action your employees need.


Providing ergonomically correct furniture in the workplace and keeping an eye out for health and safety issues not only makes employees feel valued but also helps protect their long-term health and wellbeing.  By hiring an ergonomic professional to assess your workplace, many unseen problems can easily be remedied.

Health Tip Emails

It only takes a few minutes to research some basic health tips to encourage your staff to stay healthy.  This can be anything; quick exercises in the workplace, a quick mind game, physical health tips, anything!  A brief email can go a long way to showing your employees that you are taking time to think about their health and wellbeing which makes people feel valued, increasing productivity.