With so many people spending so much time at a desk, in recent times the question has been asked "would it be better to stand rather than sit?". Of course, this has been greeted with scepticism as most people believe standing for the entirety of a working day is a ridiculous thought. But is there method to this madness?

When using a standing desk, it has been proven that there is an increase in blood flow to the brain. This translates to improved productivity and focus, as employees feel less tired and have higher energy levels. It is also more difficult for them to become comfortable and feel sleepy or tired, as they are in a standing position.

At a traditional desk and as employees are already sat down, most conversations are conducted either over the phone or by email. This can sometimes lead to work becoming lost or meetings being missed as the conversation hasn't been face to face. When standing, workers are already at eye level and can quickly interact with a passing colleague even just for a few seconds, avoiding the need to rely on them picking up the phone or their emails.

From a health point of view, workers that use a standing desk are subconsciously working out! Believe it or not, in order for an individual to maintain a standing position, their body has to constantly adjust core muscle groups to ensure they remain balanced with good posture. Yes, we know this isn't the greatest work out in the world, but it can often help to relieve back pain that commonly develops from being sat in a chair for eight or more hours a day.

The last benefit is simply about speed of movement. Employees using standing desks are always upright and ready for action, meaning they can move quicker and operate more efficiently. Sitting encourages lethargy - workers who are sat behind a desk generally prefer to remain seated and phone/email someone than get up and walk to their cubicle for a face to face conversation. This can have a knock-on effect in damaging efficiency and overall productivity of the office.

Even if they manage to build some popularity, it is still likely to be a number of years before standing desks can start to realistically challenge the old seated desks and become the 'norm' but don't be surprised to see them appearing here and there across the UK.