An ergonomic office chair is an office chair which is designed in such a way that it supports your body while you’re seated. It prevents you from causing unnecessary strains and injuries to your body, protects your posture and ensures the most comfortable yet safe seat for you.


You will be spending the most part of your working day sitting in your office chair. For that reason, your office chair should be soundly constructed and made of durable material, including the chair material.


An office chair has got to be comfortable which means that the padding should be firm enough to give you adequate support but not too firm that it is stiff and uncomfortable. For your added comfort, armrests and a headrest will greatly enhance your office chair.

Added Features

There are some added features which you may like to look out for when choosing the perfect chair, all of which will increase its comfort. For example, seat height adjustment, lumbar support adjustment and a knee tilt feature will all add to your overall seating comfort.


Aside from the features and comfort of your office chair, it’s important that you like the style of your office chair. An attractive looking office chair will boost your morale as well as making your work environment more pleasant.

If you consider these factors, you are sure to be shortly taking a seat in your perfect office chair.