You should consider your reception to be part of your shop-front - it should set the tone for your whole business, so it needs to be clean, professional and unique to your competitors.

There are a number of advantages to having a high quality reception area:

+ It will help to create a positive, productive atmosphere within the office
+ It ensures customers or clients get the impression of professionalism within your business
+ It can improve structure and organisation within your working environment
+ In the long run, it can increase sales and ultimately aid overall business performance

Although every organisation is different, the basic principles behind a successful reception area remain the same.Create a dedicated area for your reception, ideally in a separate room or away from the rest of the office. This should reduce the amount of distractions and noise reaching other employees at work.

Every reception needs a desk, so invest in something that is both impressive to customers as well as being practical to use. Desks in reception areas often become the focal point of the room, so make sure you choose wisely.

Seating for waiting clients is also important. Having a dedicated area where visitors can wait in comfort should be a priority, not to mention the fact that seating can be a key part of the overall design of the reception space. Add a coffee table and some lifestyle magazines to keep their interest until you're ready for them.

Bring all of these elements together and you should have the perfect area to welcome your clients!