At the office this habit causes us to gather all sorts of things on our desks. It often happens that we bring things from home to the office and vice versa, or we leave a mountain of files or papers that we took notes on during the brainstorming session right on our desk.

The office space is not for storage. Cabinets, pedestals and bookcases are for storage and will ensure you have a clean office desk to help inspire you. If you get rid of the useless things in your office, you can start thinking as to how it can be arranged better, where to put the photo frame, where to place the lamp or your hand-made business-card support.

These storage solutions have several benefits which come to our aid and make our job easier:

  • Locked cabinets allow us to store important documents
  • Trophies, diplomas and certificates don’t have to necessarily be on the wall; you can see them from a glass door bookcase as well.
  • Matching office desks look more professional than ones of different colours.
  • You can take your mobile pedestal with you into meetings when you need more documents and files, because it can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.

Having the right storage solutions can also help you save time:

  • You will get home faster; you don’t need to stay overtime so that you clean your office desk.
  • You will find everything you need faster; you won’t be looking desperately for your agenda when you are in rush before an important meeting.

All the things that you need should be easily found on your desk, so you're never in the situation where you have to hunt the office or your colleagues desk the stuff you need.