Ideally, you should find the right type of chair for you as sitting in the wrong position for 8-9 hours per day can definitely have ill effects. However, different people are more suited to different chairs; there is no one size fits all. You need to start by actually sitting in a chair to see if it is the right fit. Although it may not be feasible to get each and every one of your employees to try out the chairs you intend to purchase, it is wise to at least try them out yourself.

Many chairs these days are ergonomically designed. These types of chairs are generally more comfortable. Look out for chairs that have an S curve which mimics the shape of the human back. Check also that the chair is adjustable. The more adjustable a chair is the more likely it will be that your staff can adjust it to suit their stature. Chairs should ideally have arms and a backrest that can be adjusted in addition to an ability to be able to adjust the chair’s height.

In general, chairs with ample padding tend to be more comfortable, although mesh backs and seats can also add much needed springiness. Chairs with headrests can also help considerably to prevent stiffness in your neck and head.

By choosing carefully you can provide your employees with a far more comfortable working environment which in turn boosts morale and ultimately has a very positive effect on productivity.