Depending on the industry you are involved in, you may have set your office up to maximise efficiency and boost overall productivity. However, an office should speak to its employees as well - setting a cultural tone that inspires them and reminds them what their organisation is all about.

Office design expert Lenae Schwartz, owner of Lenae Designs in the United States, says “Often the culture of a company is related to what their space looks like, so if it’s a fun, inviting space or a dull, very institutional space, that can sway someone’s attitude on whether they like to come to work or not”.

Having helped hundreds of clients improve their office space, she added “It’s about presentation and making sure customers see success when they come into the office”.

Recent surveys have found that employees that like their workplace are 31% more likely to be satisfied with their jobs overall. Over half of all people in the UK seeking work claim that the company office space has a direct effect on their decision whether to accept a job or not.

Creating a ‘cool’ office space is not straightforward, but it can be achieved by mixing the right amounts of creativity and practicality.

If your office is located in a particularly rustic building, you can look to highlight any visually impressive features like timbers or entrance halls, giving your office a wow factor when clients first walk through the doors.

More modern office spaces can concentrate on creating a fresh, contemporary style by mixing old and new design features. Like the Google workplace, some of the most envied offices have been created with a very minimalistic eye, avoiding the usual cluttered desks and cramped workspaces that don’t translate to an efficient office.

Whatever space you have to work with, it is important to consider every angle – make your office an enjoyable place to work, but ensure it lets your employees stay efficient and productive at all times.