Keep yourself motivated and engaged by turning your home office into a working environment rather than just a continuation of the rest of your home. Take a look at the following tips to find out how:

1. Consider the colour of your office
When choosing a colour for your office, it is commonly known that cool, light colours are the best to aid focus and overall efficiency. Where possible, try to avoid deeper colours such as orange or red as they are often a distraction.

2. Choose your lighting wisely If possible, place your desk close to a window to allow yourself access to as much natural light as you can. Natural lighting will help to aid concentration, however some artificial lighting sources such as florescent lights may cause drowsiness so should be avoided where you can help it.

3. Control the temperature 25C is generally known as the optimum working temperature as it is comfortable, but not too warm. Working in temperatures above this may cause drowsiness, and anything cooler can cause a distraction. Set your thermostat at a consistent temperature to maintain your concentration levels throughout the working day. The perfect temperature for your work environment is around 25°C – anything warmer can cause drowsiness, anything cooler can cause distraction.

4. Invest in a desk and chair Making sure that you have a good quality desk space and comfortable chair is crucial to your productivity during the working day. Ensure that your desk is a comfortable size and provides adequate storage and check that your desk chair remains at the correct height and is supportive to your back.

5. Keep distractions to a minimum When working from home, it can be tempting to make the most of little home comforts such as having the television on in the background. To avoid distraction, keep all home items away from your office and treat your office as a normal working environment to aid concentration.