As office desks are one of the most important pieces of furniture that your business will purchase here is a brief summary of the main types of desk available on the market:

  • Wood veneer desks are constructed by applying thin strips of wood to the outside of the desk. These types of desk give the appearance of a solid wood desk but at a significantly lower price. They are very popular amongst business owners as solid wood desks can be very expensive. They come in a variety of colours including cherry and mahogany.
  • L-shaped desks, as their name suggests, are L shaped and provide lots of space for files and computers. They come in a variety of options; some have drawers and cabinets whilst others have plenty of open space below the desk. These desks are ideal if you require plenty of writing space. You should be aware that the more drawers and cabinets you have, the more expensive the desk becomes so think carefully about whether you really need all that extra storage.
  • Laminate desks are made out of composite materials that are layered on top of each other and stuck together. This makes the desks very strong and highly durable.