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Orthopaedic Office Chairs


Sitting in a poorly designed chair can have negative effects for your body. It may primarily effect your back but over time, as you continue to sit with little or no support from the seat itself - this leads to aches and pains throughout other areas such as neck/shoulder blades among others! Encourage healthy posture during work hours by choosing an orphopaedic office chair that provides spine support and that has been proven effective at preventing muscle strain due poor positioning while sitting down all day long!

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Why choose an orthopeadic office chair?

1. Reduce pain and discomfort associated with sitting for long periods of time
2. Designed to provide your spine with superior support
3. Typically offer more adjustment features to get the perfect fit

Take the stress off your body and choose an orthopaedic office chair. Designed to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with sitting at a desk for extended periods of time by providing your body and spine with the best support possible, featuring more adjustment options in comparison to a standard office chair, including enhanced lumbar adjustment. A selection of our range is Chiropractor approved.