If you have chosen beech furniture throughout your office, you’ll want to carry the look through with your storage for a cohesive effect. Here at National Office Furniture Supplies, we have a great choice of lookalike beech filing cabinets UK that perfectly match the finish across all of our beech office furniture, making it easy to improve the storage, tidiness and organisation within your office.

We highly recommend choosing beech effect filing cabinets and beech office desks for your workplace because it’s a great finish for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your office. The light, neutral tone is easy to build a colour palette around, while adding warm tones that help create an inviting scheme. When you continue the look through to the small details like a beech filing cabinet, it only takes this to the next level, so your office can look professionally styled without having to pay a stylist.

Here at National Office Furniture Supplies, we stock beech filing cabinets in a choice of four sizes to suit any space in your office. All options can be delivered to you the next working day ready assembled, with just the handles and feet detached to protect them during shipping, so you can make use of your beech filing cabinets UK as soon as possible. If you’re shopping for beech filing cabinets as part of a complete office refit, don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all orders over £300 + VAT.

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Great Quality Beech Effect Filing Cabinets

When you buy our lookalike beech filing cabinets UK, you can be assured that they’re extremely high-quality products that are built to withstand years of busy office use. The beech effect filing cabinets are not only more affordable than solid beech options, but more practical for use in a workplace too, as they’re more lightweight and therefore easier to manoeuvre around the room should you need to. They feature realistic wood grain detailing, so you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing either. With 25mm thick tops – that’s the standard thickness of an office desk top – our beech effect filing cabinets are incredibly robust too.

Inside the beech filing cabinets, you’ll find a great range of features that make these beech effect filing cabinets even better quality, such as strong metal-to-metal fixings and sturdy metal railings for suspending Foolscap filings systems. Thanks to the robust, professional construction, the drawers have an impressive weight capacity of 55kg, much more than you could ever need.

What’s more, all of our beech filing cabinets UK are complete with a sturdy metal lock and come with a pair of anti-snap keys, so you can store sensitive documents securely anywhere in the office without worrying about them being misplaced.

Beech Effect Filing Cabinets UK for Your Business

The beech effect filing cabinets are available in a choice of two- three- and four-drawer narrow units, plus a wider two-drawer side beech filing cabinet. Each style has the measurements listed, so it’s really easy to choose the right size for your space – in tight spaces, just make sure you leave the same depth again for clearance so that the drawer can extend fully.

We always recommend getting the largest size that will fit in your available space. We always say it’s better to have too much storage than not enough, as running out of places to keep documents will quickly have a knock-on effect on the efficiency of your business and the tidiness and organisation of your office.

We Supply Great Quality Beech Filing Cabinets UK & More

With 30 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying high quality beech effect filing cabinets and more to British businesses, we know exactly what features make a workplace more effective, and we implement them throughout all of our designs. When you buy our beech filing cabinets, or any of our products, they’ve all been put through rigorous testing, and we continually improve our products in response to customer feedback.

If you’d like to see how your completed office with beech filing cabinets and furniture would look before making the purchase and having it delivered, we offer a fantastic visualisation service which is really helpful if you’ll be presenting your ideas to managers or board members.

The quality of our products is of the highest importance to us – all of our beech filing cabinets are covered with a genuine five-year guarantee, and we’re always on hand in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your purchase – you can contact us via phone on 0845 249 1844 and we’ll resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about our beech effect filing cabinets, other products or would like to discuss discounts on large or bulk orders, get in touch with us today.