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Breakout Area Furniture


We have a great selection of breakout area furniture here at National Office Furniture Supplies, providing something different, quirky yet practical. Break area furniture will give your workspace somewhere that stimulates your employees’ interaction and relaxation, a space where co-workers can take a break from their work, to eat and socialise. At National Office Furniture Supplies, we offer a vast range of breakout table and chairs and a range of modern and contemporary seating furniture that can be used for almost every application - from reception lounge to breakout areas.

Browse below our full range of breakout area furniture and use our filter to work within your budget requirements. Also, get next day delivery on select items for quick order and delivery turnaround.

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  1. Breakout Area Square Table with Beech Top

    Now £118.80 £99.00
    Was £406.08
  2. Designer Modular Breakout Seating

    Now £178.80 £149.00
    Was £282.00
  3. Breakout Area Modular Sofa Convex Unit

    Now £202.80 £169.00
    Was £659.52
  4. Breakout Area Modular Sofa Concave Unit

    Now £202.80 £169.00
    Was £659.52
  5. Breakout Area Modular Sofa Rectangle Unit

    Now £202.80 £169.00
    Was £643.68
  6. Hexagonal Upholstered Stool

    Now £242.40 £202.00
    Was £276.00
  7. Breakout Area Modular Sofa Single Arm Unit

    Now £262.80 £219.00
    Was £849.60
  8. Soft Seating Oval Stool

    Now £264.00 £220.00
    Was £420.00
  9. Soft Seating Circular Stool

    Now £297.60 £248.00
    Was £478.80
  10. Breakout Area Modular Sofa Armchair Unit

    Now £298.80 £249.00
    Was £944.64
  11. Trendy Modular Bench Seating

    Now £334.80 £279.00
    Was £396.00
  12. Designer Sculptured Chair With Chrome Sled Frame

    Now £378.00 £315.00
    Was £478.80
  13. Designer Sculptured Chairs with Chrome Swivel Base

    Now £392.40 £327.00
    Was £478.80
  14. Square Breakout Soft Seating Four Legged Armchair

    Now £393.60 £328.00
    Was £466.80
  15. Angled Contemporary Modular Seating

    Now £417.60 £348.00
    Was £598.80
  16. Square Breakout Soft Seating Swivel Spider Base Armchair

    Now £428.40 £357.00
    Was £466.80
  17. Edge Low Level Office Chairs

    Now £481.20 £401.00
    Was £547.20
  18. Smart Modular Seating Range

    Now £532.80 £444.00
    Was £666.00
  19. Square Breakout Soft Seating Four Legged Two Seater

    Now £582.00 £485.00
    Was £648.00
  20. Script Office Chairs

    Now £588.00 £490.00
    Was £789.60
  21. Square Breakout Soft Seating Swivel Disc Base Armchair

    Now £620.40 £517.00
    Was £670.80
  22. Contemporary Modular Seating with Tubular, Silver Skid Frame

    Now £673.20 £561.00
    Was £847.20
  23. Smart Soft Seating Sofa Range

    Now £860.40 £717.00
    Was £1,137.60
  24. Breakout Seating Button Sofa

    Now £898.80 £749.00
    Was £1,558.80
  25. Modern Style Suspended Back Sofa

    Now £912.00 £760.00
    Was £1,255.20
  26. Contemporary Sofa Range with Tubular, Silver Skid Frame

    Now £1,048.80 £874.00
    Was £1,293.60
  27. High Backed Contemporary Seating with Tubular, Silver Skid Frame

    Now £1,629.60 £1,358.00
    Was £2,340.00

28 Items

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Breakout Table and Chairs

The great thing about breakout furniture is its versatility, offering somewhere to relax or work depending on where you place it. Full of many colourful options to inject brightness into your office environment, breakout table and chairs can be a stand out choice within your workspace. Bright, comfortable and easy to manoeuvre, break out area furniture can elevate your office environment easily.

The break area furniture we stock includes acoustic seating quality office furniture that is designed to reduce noise and create quiet meeting areas. We also have available stock of high back acoustic chairs which are available in several fabrics, shapes and sizes from a single seat to 2 seat variations and available in many different colour options to match your brand. Other great examples of breakout table and chairs we have include modular seating options, sculpted chairs with chrome legs and hexagonal upholstered stools. With so many options of break area furniture, the difficulty is deciding on the right design for you.

Breakout Furniture that Stands Out

Creating functional, colourful areas for your office is made easy with the use of break area furniture from National Office Furniture Supplies. Easy to assemble when creating modular bench seating in a configuration that suits your office environment, we can provide you with the exact requirements you’re looking for. We offer many services to help with deciding on breakout table and chairs for your office, including space planning, bespoke design services as well as manufacture and assembly help.

If for any reason you can’t find what you’re looking for at National Office Furniture Supplies, please contact us directly via email at info@nationalofficefurnituresupplies.co.uk or by calling us on 0845 249 1844. We aim to assist in any way we can to fulfil your furniture needs, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry and as one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe, you can trust in approach to quality, affordable office furniture.

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