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Creating a practical and attractive storage system within an office can do wonders for helping you maintain an organised and productive workplace that is pleasant to be in for staff and visitors alike. If you are looking for storage to complement desks and other furniture that you already own, but can’t find an exact match for, our range of light oak storage is a great choice thanks to its neutral tones. Here at National Office Furniture Supplies, our lookalike light oak storage is a soft, pale shade that is incredibly easy to integrate into an existing office design, or for creating a fresh scheme that will be added to further down the line.

The sturdy coated MDF used in our light oak storage cabinets features realistic looking wood grain detailing that adds texture and interest in a subtle way, so you can add as much storage as you need into your office without it becoming overbearing. The range includes light oak bookcases, mobile desk pedestals, filing cabinets and cupboards with a great selection of office-savvy features that will greatly assist the smooth running of your workplace. Browse through the range below and use the filter option to see which items are currently available for our great next day delivery service.

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High Quality Light Oak Bookcases, Cupboards & Cabinets

As well as being a much more affordable alternative to solid oak without compromising on quality, our lookalike light oak storage cabinets are more practical for office use too, because the lightweight material can be manoeuvred around the office with ease should you need to. All items are complete with feet or wheels, making moving them even more of a cinch while protecting office flooring.

We guarantee the highest quality in all of our light oak bookcases, cabinets and cupboards, made from extra thick MDF for stability and strength, with sturdy metal-to-metal fixings assuring a long lifespan. The tops and of all products, as well as the shelves in the light oak bookcases and cabinets, are a great 25mm thick – the standard width of a desk top. The drawers in our light oak storage cabinets and pedestals are able to hold up to 55kg, with sturdy metal railings built in to accommodate Foolscap suspension filing. They also have the benefit of anti-tilt construction, meaning that you can open the drawers to their full extension without worrying about the units toppling.

Shop Light Oak Storage for Office Use

When you buy light oak storage cabinets from National Office Furniture Supplies, you have the added benefit of knowing that they are designed specifically for office use and so will help you maximise the available space even in a smaller or awkwardly laid out space. The shelves in our light oak bookcases and cabinets are perfectly spaced to accommodate box files, but can easily be adjusted to store and display other items.

The light oak bookcases are ideal if you need items to be easily accessed, or want to proudly display items such as awards, but if you’d prefer to hide away clutter the cupboards are a better choice. Both are available in a choice of three sizes to suit any space. We also have a space-saving tambour cupboard with attractive white sliding doors, perfect for narrow walkways that can’t accommodate the clearance for regular doors – this light oak storage cabinet is available in two sizes.

All of our closed light oak storage cabinets feature strong metal locks and come with a spare anti-snap key, ideal for storing expensive or delicate equipment or keeping documents private. Staff will also appreciate having a safe place to keep their personal belongings with an under-desk pedestal.

Light Oak Storage & More from National Office Furniture Supplies

Our light oak storage cabinets perfectly match the finish of our other light oak office furniture offerings, so if you want to create a cohesive look throughout the space you can easily achieve this with us. If you’re looking to fit your entire office with new furniture, don’t forget that we offer free delivery on all orders over £300 + VAT, so ordering everything together will help you save on shipping.

The pedestals and filing cabinets are delivered pre-assembled, with just the handles and feet to attach, while the light oak bookcases and cupboards require putting together in-situ – helping you save on shipping. The assembly of our flat pack light oak storage is really straightforward with all fixings and clear instructions supplied, but we also offer a professional assembly service should you need it. If you have any questions about our light oak bookcases, cupboards or any other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team by email or phone. We’re also happy to discuss discounts for large or bulk orders, or creating bespoke items for your company.