How your office looks can have a huge impact on the way in which your company is perceived by staff and visitors alike, which is why it’s important to ensure that the design accurately reflects the brand image you want to put across. To build an image of tradition, respectability and gravitas, our Executive range of office premium storage and furniture is a fantastic choice.

The range includes dark wood effect bookcases, cupboards and wood effect filing cabinets made from the highest quality materials in terms of performance and looks. This collection will not only act as a starting point for reflecting your company’s aims and values, but will also contribute to the smooth running of your business by providing perfectly designed storage that makes workplace organisation a cinch.

Browse the full range of our Executive office premium storage below, and filter to see which items are currently available for next day delivery to get your office up and running as quickly as possible. Complete the look with our premium executive desks that perfectly match the storage range.

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Made for the Office Premium Storage Range

Choosing office premium storage to suit your company’s needs is really easy with our Executive range as they have been specifically designed to suit workplace needs. Our dark wood effect bookcases and cupboards have shelves that are designed to neatly fit box files, but can also be adjusted to suit other filing systems or storage requirements. Bookcasesare a great choice if you need documents and other resources to be accessible or have items you’d like to display, such as awards, while the cupboards will be the natural choice if your current filing system is functional but not something you’d like to have on display.

The wood effect filing cabinets feature built-in metal railings to support Foolscap suspension filing to make quickly locating and replacing documents incredibly straightforward. Whether you’re planning a complete organisational overhaul, starting from scratch or simply looking for a high-quality replacement to house your current system, our office premium storage range will perfectly suit your needs.

We also carry a variety of sizes in our dark wood effect bookcases, walnut effect cupboards and wood effect filing cabinets. When choosing storage, we recommend choosing the largest size that can fit, especially if your office is on the smaller size because disorganisation and clutter in a smaller office can quickly become overwhelming and have a negative effect on morale and productivity.

High Quality Wood Effect Filing Cabinets and Shelving Units

Only the highest quality materials are used in our office premium storage. In comparison to solid walnut, our lookalike material is just as strong and long lasting but much more lightweight which will be a blessing should you decide to rearrange the layout of your office as your company evolves. All products in our office premium storage range are covered by a five to ten year guarantee, but you can have peace of mind that all pieces will stand up to being used in a busy office environment for many years to come.

With 25mm thick tops on all items plus the same for shelving in the dark wood effect bookcases and cupboards, the storage is strong and sturdy, and looks impressive too. The drawers in the wood effect filing cabinets can hold an impressive 55kg with ease. All fixings are metal-to-metal which further contributes to the strength and stability of these office premium storage units.

All items come with feet that help protect the flooring in your office and make them easier to manoeuvre should you need to. If security and privacy are concerns, our wood effect filing cabinets and cupboards have sturdy, lockable drawers and doors, and come with a spare anti-snap key for your peace of mind.